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Elephant Pencil Holder

 Not only is this pencil holder cute, but it is useful as well!

This project is rated EASY to do.




What You Need

  • Can about 4" tall, wash and remove label 
  • Tacky glue 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape
  • Crayons or markers 
  • Gray construction paper
  • Wiggle eyes or white construction paper

How To Make It

  1. Cut a piece of paper large enough to cover the outside of the can. Tape it to the can. 
  2. Fold a (6" x 4" ) piece of gray paper in half. Cut out an ear shape. (When you unfold it, you'll have two ears that are the same size and shape.) Make a fold about 1/4 " wide down the "inside" part of the ears. Make a cut halfway down the fold and bend one part of the inside part forward and one part backwards. When you glue them to the can, it will make the ears "stand up." 
  3. Cut out the trunk. Use a pencil to "curl the trunk" so that it will stand out from the can instead of laying flat. (You take a pencil and the end part of the trunk and roll the paper gently around the pencil about halfway up the trunk.) Draw nostrils on the part that will be turned up, and wrinkles along the trunk. Make a 1/4" fold at the top and glue the trunk to the can. 
  4. Glue on two wiggle eyes or use the white paper and a black pen to make your own eyes and glue them on the can on either side of the trunk. 
  5. Draw the elephant a mouth below the trunk. Add any other details you would like your elephant to have (wrinkles, tusks, etc.)
Source: This article has been taken with permission from Kaboose

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