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Making An Aquarium

Mothers and fathers, please help out whenever the tasks are too difficult or dangerous for your children.

Things We Need:


A shoe box or equivalent
2. Coloured paper

Art block paper

4. Magic colours or colour pencils
5. Scissors
6. Glue
7. Poster colour, brushes & palette
8. Needle and thread
9. Old newspaper
10. A few toothpicks
11. Sticky tape
12. A bit of cotton wool
13. A sheet of clear cellophane paper or plastic sheet

Step 1: Making The Aquarium

1. Line the work table with old newspaper.
2. Remove the cover of the shoebox and wrap the outside with coloured paper.
3. Next, put the box on its side.
4. Paint the (top, back and two sides) inside of the box, light blue.
5. Paint the bottom, brown and beige to look like sand.
6. Draw, colour and cut out some seaweed.
7. Paste the seaweed to the side and back of the aquarium.
8. Make some rocks and stones by crumpling some brown coloured paper.
9. Glue them to the bottom of the aquarium.

Step 2: Making The Fishes

1. Draw or trace a fish on an art paper. Ask mother or father to help you.
2. Colour both the pieces with colour pencil, magic colour or poster colour.
3. Cut out the two pieces.
4. Mother or father can help you tie a bit of cotton wool with a piece of thread, leaving one end dangling.
5. Put the cotton wool between the two pieces and glue the fish together with the long end of thread coming out from the top of the fish.


6. Thread the needle with the end of that thread and from the inside of the top of the aquarium, pierce the box with the needle and bring the thread up until the fish is swimming at the correct height. Anchor the thread by tying it to the middle of a toothpick.
7. Make a variety of fishes, starfish, seahorse, clam, crab, turtle etc. following the steps above. Find out which ones like to swim and which like to move along the seabed.
8. Make your aquarium interesting by placing some of the sea creatures on the seabed while some are ‘swimming’.


1. When you are happy that everything is in place, cover the front of your aquarium with a sheet of clear plastic or cellophane paper.
2. If you wish, you could paste some pictures on the top of your aquarium to hide the toothpicks and at the same time beautify the aquarium.
3. Shake your aquarium gently to see it come alive!

Article contributed by Lim Keak Tean




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