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I Learned Everything I Needed To Know About Business From Childbirth

by Carrie Lauth

Are you a Mom in business?

Then you already know my secret of success.

What is it?

Everything you need to know about succeeding in business you learned from giving birth. No, really! See what I mean.

Principle #1) It’s going to be more work than you think.

I know you read about people who have an idea that "accidentally" makes them a million, much like your neighbor's cousin twice removed who had a 2 hour painless labor.

Don't count on it!

Your business is probably going to be more work than you thought at first. You will need to constantly work at marketing yourself, and you'll have to discipline yourself to do those things even when you don't feel like it. And there's a reason they call it "labor" too.

2) It’s going to take longer than you think.

Yes that's right. It's unlikely you'll be an overnight success. It will likely take you a couple of years as well as reinvesting in your knowledge and in your business before you realize your income goals. But that's ok because...

3) It’s a lot of work up front and the prize is at the end.

And the prize is so worth it, isn't it? In fact when you get there you may have so much fun that you immediately begin planning another!

4) You're going to look dumb sometimes.

That's right. Ever looked at your birth photos? What about the video? It's embarrassing isn't it! Yuck- did I really sound/look that awful?!

You're going to make mistakes in your business. Get over it! You have a job to do. You don't have to look and sound perfect all the time. (Just be sure to apologize afterwards, kind of like you did with your husband when he rubbed you the wrong way during labor and you yelled at him.)

5) Be sure to surround yourself with people who have done it before.

I'm not a proponent of unassisted childbirth and I don't believe in going it alone with your business either.

Find a mentor. Go upline, downline, online, but find a woman who is doing what it is you want to do and get her assistance. Subscribe to her ezine, find out if she does mentoring, study her techniques, etc.

5) Tell anyone who has something negative to say or a bad attitude to go away.

You don't need anyone with bad energy present at your birth. They'll slow you down and stop the communication you have with your own wisdom. Similarly, don't listen to people who discourage you with your business goals!

6) Just when you think you can't go on….the worst part is over.

Have you ever thought about giving up in your business? It just seems like too much work, you're tired and want to go home right now!? (Remember that feeling?) You're in an important transition.

If you hang in there a little longer, take it one contraction…er, day at a time, you'll get the prize, and it will be so much more than you ever dreamed!

Stop by and see what else Carrie Lauth has to say about childbirth at Natural Moms Talk Radio Get business advice at http://www.CarrieLauth.com

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